There has been scorching heat up and down the coast of California of the the past couple weeks and wee are beginning to see the impacts. Most significantly in lemons and avocados. 


Corp loss reported on CA avocados has begun, with temps soaring past 115 degrees on July 6th. Bob Lucy of Del Rey Avocado Inc stated that “Everybody’s afraid to really put a number on it because we really don’t know. It may have been the worst heat spell that I’ve seen in my many years in the industry.”

Fruit drop as a result of the heat is expected to reduce sizing as well as increase prices into August and through September. Some growers are stating that they have trees that are definitely going to die; thus leading to a 2019 corp that may see a reduction as well. 

While Mexican fruit is available and all over the market. With prices crossing comparable to CA fruit, you will only see CA fruit at JTB for as long as we are able to get our hands on it. 


The lemon markets are also extremely volatile, with record setting prices. Southern CA growers have enacted “Act of God” clauses in their supply commitments because of irreparable damage done by the heat. With all sizes being effected, we don’t anticipate relief for at least 12 weeks. 


While there is a bit of bad news, we do have another HOT Sheet for you all this week, hopefully we can offset some of the above impact.

Prices below good beginning Monday July 30 through Saturday August 4th. 


Fresh Blueberries 12/6oz Clams                                        $25.10


9ct Cantaloupe                                                                   $15.25


Red Seedless Watermelon                                                $5.95ea


Organic Cello Spinach 12/1# Clams                                  $32.95


Mixed Baby Squash 10# Case                                           $37.50


Crimini Mushrooms 5# Case                                             $19.95


Oyster Mushrooms 5# Case                                             $29.15


Organic Green & Black Kale 24ct Case                            $25.50


Grated or Shredded Parmesan Cheese 5# Bags            $21.90


10”x7” Gold or Copper Bottle Box Container with Lids 200ct Case     $54.50