To All Our Valued Customers,


It’s that special time of year, once again.  Just the Best will be raising funds for breast cancer research.  On Friday, October 13th, JTB will be donating 5% of our gross sales to The IBC Network Foundation.


Inflammatory Breast Cancer is not typically found on a mammogram.  Outward physical signs are the first clue, and at that point, the cancer is stage 3. Life expectancy is less than 50% to make it to five years.


Although the disease was first written about 200 years ago, and is viewed as the most fatal of all breast cancers, it did not even have a medical encoding number. There were no textbooks to teach breast specialists about IBC.


Most breast cancer research is well funded, but for the ones most fatal, like IBC and TN (triple negative), the void is wide and deep.  Almost no funds go to IBC and very little to TN.


Because of this, Terry Arnold, has devoted her time, as a volunteer to educate the community about IBC and TN and also raise funds for research via a foundation she started, The IBC Network Foundation. In the last five years, the all-volunteer, grass roots charity has funded approximately $500,000.00 in research!


So, once again, we would ask that you order all you possibly can from JTB on Friday, October 13th, put off what you can order until then, and order extra non-perishable items, as well as your regular orders.  We would like to break a record every year for this amazing cause!! 


As Terry says, Hope Always


Thank you, in advance, from All of Us at Just the Best