April 2, 2019

To all of our valued customers:

We are currently headed into possibly the most significant avocado shortage we have seen in the industry to date. Ongoing civil conflicts in Mexico are prohibiting pickers from entering farms. All picking has been halted for a week plus. Even American owned Mexican farms are completely restricted. This, combined with the very small CA crops of 2019, resulting from fire and weather damage sustained in the later part of 2018 will create significantly higher demand than supply.

 As a result, we want to communicate and warn all of you that you will see ongoing price increases, pro rating and shortages in the weeks and possibly months to come. We are working with and discussing these less than desirable  circumstances on a daily basis with our growers. We will continue, with best efforts, to provide you all with the product and reliability that you depend on from JTB and will update you on this situation as we are able.

 Additionally, we are currently unable to take on any new avocado customers, or fulfill orders that are placed outside of your normal buying habits. We appreciate your understanding and as always, thank you for your continued support and loyalty to JTB. 

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.